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Rep. Porter Statement on Election as Deputy Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus

Congresswoman Katie Porter (CA-45) today released the below statement following her election as Deputy Chair for the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) in the 117th Congress:

“I’m deeply honored to have the opportunity to serve in the new role of Deputy Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus,” Porter said. “In 2018, many of my Democratic colleagues and I successfully ran campaigns rooted in progressive values. Rather than shying away from our core principles, we embraced them—making it clear that a progressive agenda is not only the right policy for America, but also a winning political message. I’m eager to continue fighting for progressive ideals, and I look forward to working with Chair Jayapal, Whip Omar, and our newly elected Vice Chairs to push the CPC agenda and make the Progressive Caucus a more unified, effective, and powerful force for progress in Congress.”

During her first term, Porter has been a champion for progressive causes and served as a member of the CPC Executive Board. She’s held corporate special interests accountable and advocated for stronger worker protections. She’s won two terms in Congress as a supporter of Medicare for All in a district where Republicans outnumber Democrats.