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Rep. Porter Appointed to Joint Economic Committee

Congresswoman is the only member from California, brings experience as consumer protection advocate

Congresswoman Katie Porter (D-CA) has announced her appointment to the Joint Economic Committee, a panel of Representatives and Senators that monitors the economy and recommends policies to strengthen it. She is the only Californian named to serve on the panel. 

Porter also released a video announcing her appointment.

“As a single mom of three school-aged kids, I know how tough it can be to keep food on the table, stay on top of bills, and save for the future—especially when the scales of our economy are tipped in favor of executives, not families,” said Rep. Porter, a longtime commercial law professor. “Californians can count on me to work hard, be a voice for our families, and keep them informed about the discussions happening in this committee.”

Congresswoman Porter has a long history of standing up for workers and defending consumers from corporate greed. Last year, the House passed her legislation cracking down on Big Oil for gouging Americans at the pump—while making record profits. She’s also taken on Big Pharma for padding shareholders’ pockets by overcharging patients for prescription drugs. Understanding that a strong capitalist economy requires competition, Porter has led efforts to curb market consolidation and strengthen antitrust enforcement. 

Watch today’s video announcement HERE