Congresswoman Katie Porter represents the Orange County families in California’s 45th Congressional District.

Before coming to Congress, Rep. Porter spent nearly two decades taking on the special interests that dominate American politics and drown out the voices of working families. In 2012, she was appointed by then Attorney General Kamala Harris to be California’s independent watchdog against the banks. Rep. Porter made sure the big banks that had cheated Orange County homeowners followed through on their promise to help affected families get back on their feet. As a consumer finance expert, she also helped Congress pass the original Credit CARD Act in 2009, which enacted federal protections from abusive credit card fees.

In Congress, Rep. Porter remains dedicated to putting Orange County families first. She has been a key supporter of legislation to reduce the influence of dark money in politics and restore ethics to Washington.

As a single working mom, Rep. Porter knows firsthand about the challenges faced by working families. She is committed to finding solutions to make life easier for these parents and has supported proposals to allow more pre-tax income to go towards childcare and expand access to paid family medical leave.

Rep. Porter lives in Irvine with her school-age children: Betsy, Paul, and Luke.


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