Funding California's Priorities

Congresswoman Porter works through the annual government spending process, which is called appropriations, and writes directly to leaders of both parties to secure funding for programs that help Californians. Here are some highlights from her time in Congress.

  1. Investing in a Clean Energy Economy: Green energy is the technology of the future, and we won’t have a strong, stable, and globally competitive economy without it. Congresswoman Porter’s advocacy brought $1.2 billion to California for a hydrogen hub, which will research how we reduce pollution from hard-to-electrify sectors and create 220,000 jobs.

  2. Achieving Tax Fairness: For decades, corporate special interests have lobbied Congress to weaken the IRS, so tax cheats can get away with not paying their fair share. Congresswoman Porter pushed for more funding for the IRS to go after tax cheats and strengthen customer service, securing half a billion dollars.

  3. Combating California’s Drought: Congresswoman Porter secured over $12 million for the Irvine Ranch Water District to provide families with sustainable clean water. She then brought administration officials to Orange County to see the investments on the ground.

  4. Protecting Medicare from Fraud: Congresswoman Porter is one of the leading advocates for the Senior Medicare Patrol, which helps Americans on Medicare protect themselves from fraudsters. In 2022, she successfully pushed for $20 million for this important program, and in 2023, she built on that progress to get $30 million for Senior Medicare Patrols.

  5. Rescuing Public Lands from Big Oil: Too often, polluters will ditch their oil and gas well after they drill, contaminating our planet. Congresswoman Porter rallied her colleagues to support remediating abandoned wells and passed $30 million of new funding into law. She also successfully pressed the Biden Administration to update bonding requirements, so Big Oil must set aside more money for cleanup before drilling starts.

  6. Building Out Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Congresswoman Porter knows that increasing the number of electric vehicles on the roads will require a nationwide investment in the charging infrastructure to support EVs. In her first term in office, she got Congress to pass $10 million in funding for electric vehicle charging and hydrogen fueling stations.

  7. Helping Families with Child Care: In her first term, Congresswoman Porter was the only single mom of school-aged kids serving in the House. Knowing how important child care is for working parents to have successful careers, she passed an amendment securing $500,000 for the Child Care Access Means Parents in Schools (CCAMPIS) program, which was ultimately part of an over $65 million increase for higher education funding.

  8. Advancing Racial Justice: Congresswoman Porter has consistently worked to address the United States’ nuclear legacy in the Marshall Islands. She brought back $500,000 in federal funding for Marshallese Youth of Orange County, a nonprofit organization that helps first-generation Marshallese Americans get health care, education, and employment.

  9. Ending Veteran Suicide: Congresswoman Porter knows the importance of not just thanking our veterans with our words, but with our actions. In her first term, she successfully increased funding for the Veterans Crisis Line by $1 million, strengthening help for servicemembers facing mental health challenges.

  10. Cutting Down Pollution from School Buses: Clean school buses save taxpayer dollars, improve student performance, and protect our communities’ health. Congresswoman Porter has spoken up about these benefits, pushing the EPA to invest over $1 billion to electrify bus fleets, including throughout California.