Protecting Survivors of Domestic Violence

Dear Friend,

Every single person in Orange County deserves to be safe. Elected officials should not only support survivors of domestic violence, but empower them. Last week, I proudly voted to renew the Violence Against Women Act, which helps protect survivors and those currently experiencing domestic violence.

The bill included my proposal to incorporate “economic abuse” as a form of domestic violence. As a bankruptcy law expert, I’ve seen the consequences of financial abuse inflicted by former partners. Many abusers use debt to exercise coercive control. Others cut off access to financial information to keep their partners in a state of financial dependence.

Economic abuse is domestic violence.

On Wednesday, the House reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act, which includes my provision to integrate the term “economic abuse” throughout the legislation.

In addition to recognizing the devastation of economic abuse, the Violence Against Women Act supports key programs that provide resources to families, including survivor assistance, foster prevention initiatives, and aid for survivors of sexual assault. It also helps families move to safe housing. The Violence Against Women Act passed the House in 2019, but the Senate failed to act. I am hopeful that the Senate will finally move this legislation forward, so that the President can sign these key protections into law.

We must do all we can to empower survivors of domestic violence to escape abuse. Renewing the Violence Against Women Act is a key step forward, and I will keep fighting on behalf of survivors everywhere. Whether it’s working directly with organizations that fight against domestic violence or helping domestic violence survivors and their pets, I will continue to work on legislation that protects Orange County families. To stay up to date on how I’m representing you and California’s 45th District, please follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @RepKatiePorter.

          Very truly yours,


          Katie Porter
          Member of Congress