Rep. Porter Condemns Religious Disparity on the Terrorism Watchlist

Dear Neighbor,

I’m proud to represent a thriving Muslim community in Orange County. I know there has been a troubling rise in Islamophobia, and as your Representative, I have been working hard to root out this hate.

As a strong believer in oversight, I regularly call out government institutions when they fail the American people. I was concerned by a recent Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) report on the FBI’s terror watchlist, which contains the names of individuals the government suspects to be associated with potential terrorist activities. Of the 1.5 million names listed, CAIR found that an astonishing 98% of individuals on the list are Muslim. This is unacceptable. 

This disparity is morally wrong, and it harms our national security. I explained all this at a recent hearing and demanded answers.  

Faith-based discrimination has no place in our government, so I asked the Biden Administration and the FBI to explain themselves.  

I will keep working in partnership with the Muslim community to amplify their voices in Congress, and I push our government to do right by Americans of all faiths.

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Very truly yours,

Katie Porter
Member of Congress