Securing Water for OC

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In recent years, California has suffered from historic drought, and families have felt the strain. Recent winter storms have provided temporary relief, but we should not wait for drought conditions to return before we take action to secure water in the long term. As a mother of three, I am deeply concerned about the future of our water supply, so future generations can live and thrive in our state.

I'm proud to have helped bring federal resources back to Orange County that'll help our community protect our water supply. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which I supported, provides more than $8 billion for water infrastructure in the western United States alone. I brought U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to Orange County to show just how this funding will expand our local water capacity. But as climate change worsens, so does the threat of severe drought for communities across our state. 

I reintroduced the Reclamation Climate Change and Water Program Reauthorization Act to renew a crucial program that monitors state water supplies and develops strategies to limit water shortages. The Bureau of Reclamation conducts numerous studies on water basins that Orange County families rely on; this information helps water utilities better manage resources and prepare against the worst drought crises. 

Unless Congress makes this legislation a priority, this important program will expire at the end of 2023. To read my bill, click HERE.

I spoke to the team behind Orange County’s Groundwater Replenishment System – the world’s largest water purification system.
It takes wastewater that would have been lost and purifies it using an advanced treatment process.

Orange County is home to leaders pioneering our state’s efforts to increase drought resiliency. Last month, it was an honor to celebrate the final dedication of the Orange County Water District's Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS). The largest of its kind, the GWRS is a state-of-the-art water purification project that can produce up to 130 million gallons of high-quality water every day. This is enough water to meet the needs of nearly one million people in north and central Orange County.

The benefits of water recycling are clear. It provides a reliable source of clean water, reducing our dependence on unpredictable rainfall and more expensive imported water. This water independence gives Orange County families the water security they deserve.


Last month, I spoke with Newlight Technologies’ Co-Founder and CEO Mark Herrema
to learn more about the technology they use to make sustainable plastics.

I also had the privilege of touring Newlight Technologies in Huntington Beach in honor of Earth Day. Newlight uses carbon capture technology to produce fully biodegradable plastic alternatives that replace conventional plastics. To protect California’s water supply, we can’t ignore the health of our waters and the plastic pollution that threatens local ecosystems.


I spoke with University High School’s Science Bowl team and their advisor, David Knight,
before they went on to secure second place at the 2023 National Science Bowl.

If Orange County wants to continue championing these issues, it could not be in better hands. Students shape our future, which is why I was proud to recently host Irvine’s University High School and its award-winning Science Bowl team at the Capitol. After winning their fifth victory at the regional Science Bowl in just six years, the team went on to take second at nationals – beating some of the most competitive schools in the country. These up-and-coming scientists proudly represented Orange County, and I was honored to celebrate this incredible achievement on the House floor.

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Katie Porter
Member of Congress