Commendations and Greetings

As a Member of Congress, it is my privilege to be able to officially recognize the people who live in the 45th Congressional District for outstanding public achievements and noteworthy milestones. If you would like to request a Congressional Commendation or a Presidential Greeting for one of the following occasions please complete and submit the form below.
  • Appointment/Election to Public Office
    • Please include the name of the office and the date of appointment/election
  • Birth of Baby
    • Please list the baby’s parent(s) as the honoree(s)
  • Birthday (for persons turning 80 years or older)
    • Please include the age the person will be turning and the date of birth for this year
  • Business/Organization Anniversary
    • Please include the business name, the date of the anniversary, and the numbered year of the anniversary
  • Citizenship
    • Please include the date of the naturalization ceremony
  • Condolences
    • Please include the name of the individual who passed away and the day the individual passed away
  • Eagle Scout
    • Please include the date of the ceremony
  • Girl Scout Gold Award
    • Please include the date of the ceremony
  • Graduation
    • Please specify the type of graduation and the date of the ceremony
  • Heroism
    • Please include the act and date of heroism
  • Military Academy Appointment
    • Please specify the military academy and the date of appointment
  • Religious Milestone
    • Please specify the milestone and include the date of the milestone
  • Retirement
    • Please include the date of retirement
  • Wedding (for couples after the wedding day)
    • Please include the date of the wedding
  • Wedding Anniversary (for couples celebrating 50 years of marriage or more that is a multiple of five)
    • Please include the year of anniversary and the date of the anniversary this year
  • Welcome to the World
    • Please list the baby as the honoree
  • Other Achievements & Milestones of Public Distinction
    • Please include applicable details

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