Share Your Surprise Billing Story

When a patient receives care that they believe is in-network or receives emergency care that is out of network, they often receive “surprise” bills that are astronomically high. These claim denials are becoming more and more common - a Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that 7 in 10 patients unable to afford their out-of-network medical bills were unaware that the healthcare provider was not an in-network provider. Many of these patients received critical emergency care, only to later receive a bill that could bankrupt their family.

Congresswoman Porter has her own story of a surprise medical bill that nearly cost her family thousands, which she will soon share with the Ways and Means Committee in a conversation regarding this important issue. This is a bipartisan issue that the Congresswoman is committed to working with her colleagues on. Recently, President Trump recently urged Congress to pass legislation that would end surprise medical bills.

Congresswoman Porter’s office is interested in hearing your story of surprise billing. She will continue working to guarantee quality, affordable care for Orange Country families.

Share your surprise billing story with Congresswoman Porter here: