Energy and the Environment


Climate change is real, and Congresswoman Porter is committed to taking concrete action to address it. 

In conversations with Orange County residents, Congresswoman Porter has heard directly from members of the community about their concerns about the threats of the climate crisis. In her first year in office, she held a roundtable with local advocates to talk about how she could be an effective partner at the federal level to protect our environment.

In Washington, Congresswoman Porter has kept her promise to take concrete action to fight climate change. She joined House colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass three bipartisan bills to protect public lands from new oil drilling, including our California coastline. She also voted in favor of the Climate Action Now Act, which honors the international commitment we made to fighting climate change in the Paris Climate Agreement. Congresswoman Porter amended this historic legislation to highlight the importance of scientific research and the continued need for clean technology development, including the incredible innovations created in California’s 45th District. 

Demonstrating her commitment to job growth and clean energy, Congresswoman Porter introduced the Clean Corridors Act of 2019 alongside California Congressmen Harley Rouda and Mark DeSaulnier. This law would establish a grant program for the installation of electric and hydrogen fueling stations on our national highways, helping to reduce carbon emissions and improve Orange County families’ access to clean energy. 

Congresswoman Porter is a proud member of the Sustainable Energy and Coalition Caucus, where she is committed to continuing the fight to protect and preserve our local wildlife, scenic landscapes, and complex ecosystems.