Government Accountability

Our democracy and government should reflect the people of America and serve their needs, not special interests or corporate donors.

In Congress, Congresswoman Porter is leading the fight to end political corruption, increase government transparency, and hold leaders of both parties accountable. She’s committed to protecting American taxpayers and eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse.

Congresswoman Porter’s vote is not for sale and never will be. She founded and chairs End Corruption, an initiative to get Washington answering to working families—not large corporations and special interests. She partnered with Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) to introduce the STOCK Act 2.0, which would prohibit members of Congress, the President and Vice President, Supreme Court justices, Federal Reserve Board Governors, and Federal Reserve Bank presidents from trading individual stocks. The STOCK Act 2.0 also requires top officials to disclose whether they, their families, or their businesses receive loans, agreements, contracts, grants, and payments, including agricultural subsidies from the federal government.

Congresswoman believes that taxpayers need to be served by qualified government officials with strong oversight through their Congressional representation. She introduced the Accountability for Acting Officials Act, limiting who can serve as an “acting” official and for how long without Senate confirmation. Congresswoman Porter’s bill was included in the Protecting Our Democracy Act, which passed the House in December 2021. She also helped introduce and pass the For the People Act, a sweeping reform to reduce the influence of dark money in politics, which included Congresswoman Porter’s provision to ban foreign money in local ballot initiative campaigns. 

As Vice Chair of the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Government Operations, Congresswoman Porter has continued her advocacy for Orange County families by getting accountability from big corporations and the IRS. In 2021, she led a letter urging Congressional leadership to properly equip the IRS with the resources it needs to go after big businesses and ultra-wealthy individuals who cheat taxpayers and refuse to pay their fair shares. She is also conducting oversight of the backlogged tax returns at the IRS, so that Orange County families can get the money they’re owed.

Congresswoman Porter believes that the government needs to hold corporations, and itself, accountable to the American people. When she heard from many Orange County families who are worried about high prescription drug and health care costs, she questioned Big Pharma CEOs about their salaries and introduced legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Congresswoman Porter secured a commitment from a Trump official that coronavirus testing be free for all Americans, using a law that was already on the books. She spearheaded reforms to the Truth-in-Testimony rules for Congressional witnesses to give Americans transparency into witnesses who have conflicts of interest. At a hearing in 2022, she called out a witness with international oil and gas clients for failing to disclose his business ties, showing the way that experts with hidden agendas shape government decisions. When the Environmental Protection Agency tried to change the rules to make it easier for corporations to pollute in secret, Congresswoman Porter called the agency out and demanded greater transparency.

Congresswoman Porter has stood up to leaders of both parties to do the right thing for Orange County families. She called out House leadership for backwards ethics rules that forbid Congressmembers from promoting bone marrow drives that can save lives but allow politicians to spend hours a week soliciting corporate PAC money. When leaders of both parties wanted to stop taxpayers from filing their taxes for free through the IRS, she raised the alarm and led a bipartisan group to kill a corporate giveaway that would have cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

By hosting over 48 town hall-style events since coming to Congress and making public a list of meetings she takes, Congresswoman Porter has matched her commitment to transparency and community engagement with personal accountability.