Government Accountability

With experience as a consumer protection attorney and California’s independent watchdog against the big banks, Congresswoman Porter has a long track record of standing up to corporate special interests and demanding accountability from people in power.

Congresswoman Porter came to the House of Representatives on a promise to hold Washington accountable. Her tough questioning has shed light on the inadequate experience of top federal officials such as Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Kathleen Kraninger. When the Environmental Protection Agency tried to change the rules to make it easier for corporations to pollute in secret, Congresswoman Porter called out the Administration and demanded greater transparency.

Congresswoman Porter’s vote is not for sale and never will be. She launched End Corruption with Congressman Max Rose (NY-11), an initiative to get Washington answering to working families—not large corporations and special interests. She also joined the House of Representatives in passing the For the People Act, a wide-ranging measure to reduce the influence of dark money in politics, enforce stricter ethics rules on federal officials, and expand voting access. When leaders of both parties tried to fast-track a bill that would line the pockets of huge tax preparation companies, she bucked Democratic leadership to speak out against the legislation.

By hosting over 12 townhall-style events in her first year in office and making public a list of meetings she takes, Congresswoman Porter has matched her commitment to transparency with concrete action.

With seats on the Financial Services Committee and the Committee on Oversight and Reform, Congresswoman Porter will continue to fight to speak truth to power and hold Washington accountable to Orange County families.