California’s Homeowners Insurance Crisis

Dear Neighbor,

California is experiencing a homeowners insurance crisis. With climate change increasing the frequency and intensity of natural disasters, California families are suffering higher homeowners insurance rates and struggling to find coverage. 

Homeowners insurance is essential to protect families from financial ruin if our homes are damaged or destroyed. Yet, given the ongoing risk of wildfires and other natural disasters in our state, many insurance companies have decided to limit or end coverage in California. This poses grave harm to families in our state. 

I recently convened a bipartisan briefing with my colleague Representative Doug LaMalfa to talk with major insurance companies about protecting families and bringing stability to the market.

At the briefing, I asked about the challenges that led insurers to limit their business in California. I shared our community’s concerns about rising prices and scarcity of insurance. I gathered information about the State of California’s proposed rules to stabilize insurance markets and gathered ideas on how we could help homeowners decrease the costs of insurance.

As your Representative, I will work to keep insurers doing business in California and offering policies that we can afford. I will also continue to create and strengthen programs that help our communities build more resilient infrastructure to better protect our homes from natural disasters. 

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Very truly yours,

Representative Katie Porter